Convergence and Engagement

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I usually try my best to stay away from  your average  buzz-cliches.

There are 2 words however, I catch myself using on a regular basis.

Convergence, and Engagement.

Part of the reason is that I feel that these 2 words are harbingers of the next golden age.

This world is Newer, Shinier, Flatter, Smaller, More Connected, and a lot more  exciting.

It started with websites. For the first time, big-ness wasnt a distinct advantage. No matter how big a company, they were still competing for that 15/17/21 inch screen real estate.

Then came web users. Newly empowered, and en-voiced, users slowly  discovered that they could make themselves heard.

The users, as people are wont to do then began to form collectives. and the programmers were only too happy to help them out by creating social media vehicles.

A revolution is coming 🙂   of the people, for the people, by the people.

Lets ride the wave.

JoelConvergence and Engagement