The Power Of Collective Engagement

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There was a time when knowledge was King and Economies of Scale helped Ford to create the manufacturing boom of the industrial age. Corporations had a golden age where manufacturing scale and specialized knowledge were huge barriers to entry and demand  was endless.

Those days are no more.

The future belongs to those who understand that in this Newer, Shinier, Flatter, Smaller world, we need to get along.

The Customer, (capital C) as opposed to’ the customer’, is now king. The Collective Voice(as opposed to voices)  as expressed at the speed of thought through the various bite sized broadcast channels can make or break a business.

Like a true Democracy, each customer has one voice, one vote.

Unlike  politics however, , the customer has true perfect knowledge found in the collective experiences of those who have gone before. The internet never forgets. A brand therefore is only as good as its last interaction though the halo effect of  the collective experiences can  still have influence.



JoelThe Power Of Collective Engagement