Leadership = Content

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I am tempted to just leave this post blank and leave the title because it really does say all it needs to say.

Content Creation is at the heart of ANY successful attempt to be an influence any group of  human beings on the internet.

As sites like 9gag.com, thechive.com and of course, youtube  are platforms of discourse where originality is celebrated and  the ability to  effectively combine information from different sources to  make new cultural discourse that is relevant and popular grants the creator bragging rights.

TO be successful n this economy,  one has to lead, in order to lead,  one has to  do either of 2 things,

  1. Build a platform where original content can be shared .
  2. Share Original content.

There are too many me-too wananbes. It is fine and good in the USA with its 200+ million people.It is ok to  take the an  idea and replicate it in another State.

However, in Singapore, we have 4.5 million people. In every Niche, there can really only be ONE .

Put in the effort to find an original niche and be rewarded.


JoelLeadership = Content