The Platform – The Internet as a soapbox changing our world.

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As I keep having conversations about how the socialization of the internet is shaping our future, one thing is getting increasingly clear.

Its all about the platform.

It used to be a soapbox on a sidewalk.

As the speaker, one  would attempt to pull out all stops, banners, loudspeakers, colours and even sideshow acts to draw the crowd.

As a passerby, one had the choice of staying to listen, or walking away. People stayed for different reasons, some with rotten eggs ready, some to pass the time, some because they had vested interest in the proceedings, some because they believed…

The internet is the worlds greatest soapbox.

I all begins with an idea.

Each implementation of a new idea is accompanied by a slew of efforts to gain a crown around the platform, to listen to what they have to say. Attention, as the saying goes, can be ‘paid’ and hence can be bought. Once the crowd has gathered, the idea-preneur delivers the pitch.

The Voice of the internet holds court and has “talent show buzzer” rights to send the aspirant   crashing into the abyss of irrelevance.

To those who don’t suffer that fate, they are granted  the right to speak  to the assembled audience and  be heard.

If the audience is engaged, listeed to, given a chance to interact and grow, a tribe forms around the platform.

This forms the basis of many internet success stories before and will form the basis of the success of many to come.

This is because as we evolve towards a more engaged, connected, collaborative world, those who build the platforms to enable and energize the tribe to participate  this process will be rewarded with access to understand how the tribes operate.

This big brother-esque knowledge is the basis upon which fortunes will be built.






JoelThe Platform – The Internet as a soapbox changing our world.