6 Tips to promote your blogshop on Pinterest

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One of the hottest Social  properties  in cyberspace is Pinterest.

It is probably, right now, THE hottest new network. There are many reasons for this and Pinterest has quickly become one of the top drivers of traffic for womens magazines as well as some major brands.

Pinterest is fantastic for publicizing blogshops as well. In fact, I would say that it is a better channel for small startups than big brands because of the personal nature of ‘pinning’ .

Here are 7 ways you can use Pinterest creatively to build your blogshop.

1. Whats in a name?

Feature your Blogshop name on your profile for maximum exposure. Even if you are just thinking about it , you should reserve your space and post your content some other time.

2. Big Pictures

This of course assumes you have some nice photos of your product offerings either modeled or not. Pinterest allows you to display large, high quality images like this image.

3. #Hashtags are your friends.

Pinterest #bluedress hashtag

If you have a Twitter Account, you already know how this works. Pinterest allows users to create themed  pages and the usage of hashtags make it easier for users to organize their collections. Also, SInce #Hashtags are used by other social sharing channels, it allows for consistency in cross-platform campaigns.

4. Add a $Pricetag

In Pinterest, you can also add prices of your products. You can either incorporate it into your item image, or putting it into the Description of the pin.

5. Be social, Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

COnnect your Pinterest account with your facebook and twitter accounts. When you do this, social media icons are added under your profile picture.

6.Use Themes, not just product shots

Being Social means sharing.  I love how west elm has done their boards.  They have created themed boards like ‘Color Block’  and actually pinned images that fit the theme. In the midst of the pins, are their own products, with prices. Bring in content that fit the theme and complement your products.

This allows you to build a community, both in the form of your customers as well as other Pinterest users.


There are of course many more things you can do to promote your blogs through Pinterest but here are 6 to get you started. I have yet to find local blogshops that are actively incorporating Pinterest into their marketing. If you do, drop me a line here, I would love to know how it goes.



Joel6 Tips to promote your blogshop on Pinterest