Screentegration and the NBA

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T’was Linsanity versus Dirk.

I wanted to check the box score and went to the relevant link at At the page, there was button link to  The TV companion. This is what I saw.

I initially viewed the link on my  Macbook.

The formatting seemed a little strange  but I had a hunch and I opened up the link on my iPad.

iOpened iClicked iSmiled.

Obviously someone thought to format it for an iPad, it was perfect. Link buttons were clear and stats could be set to autoscroll across the different pages. I can so totally imagine someone enjoying the game  with the tablet in hand  and going into the menus to check the  stats.

The beginning of Screentegration for the NBA.  Eventually, the  engagement loop will be complete when one is allowed to respond and reply and communicate with the team, the viewers and the other online participants.

Imagine Twitter integration…..  Now why do you think Apple integrated  Twitter into Mountain Lion rather than Facebook?

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JoelScreentegration and the NBA