Its all about the Girls. – Why Blogshops cannot afford to ignore Pinterest


If theres a blog post  that could be summed up in one image, this is it.

If one were to look through the pletora of blogshop marketing available, one would immediately see that it is targeting a predominantly female demographic.

It could also be said that Pinterest has made the internet girly.  From Scrapbooking to Oprah’s vision board,  It is evident that  theres a certain girliness to  sharing ‘moments’  and inspiration and to be able to flip through pages of images that evoke “ooh” and “ahh”s.

Pinterest is like a Women’s  magazine, made digital and accessible. Like an online repository of inspiration, ideas, and prettiness, all ready to be shared, collaboratively  consumed and  collectively responded to.

More importantly though, in Singapore, adoption is slightly slower than the west, meaning that right now, 1st May 2012,  not too many poeple have hopped onto the platform. Theres a small window before the floodgates open.

Let the games begin!!