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Everybody’s Pinning!

The last Pinterest post we did was for how to Promote a blogshop through Pinterest. Since then, more and more brands and users are joining Pinterest.  The really great thing about Pinterest is that it links directly with site content as opposed to a platform like Facebook which is all about the interactivity and Social experience. Pinterest is content driven rather than interaction driven. For Blogshops, this is ideal.

Here is a list of tools that allow you to Purposefully Pique People’s Pinterest.

1. Pricing information on Products.

It is really easy to put prices in your pins. When you are uploading a pin, simply add a price to the description and tags and Pinterest will automatically  post it up with the price displayed in a small ribbon on the topleft side of the image.

2. Add a “Follow” and “Pin It” Button

Pinterest has a Goodies page.  From that page, you can find some useful tools to allow more interactivity, grow your followers and promote your own pins. There are 2 buttons you can us,

  • The “Follow me” button : This button is useful for embedding into a website. YOu simply need to select the style of the button, once selected, the code will automatically be populated with your Pinterest URL as long as you are logged in.


  • The “Pin “it Button : This button can be added to images on your blogshop to allow other people to easily pin the  image on their own board.  As with the follow button, you simple  need to fill in the information and a code will be generated which you can then use to add to your site.

3. Niche Boards are Key!

The Key to Being Pinteresting is to understand that Pinterest is all about Content.  Curation, therefore is what makes it Pinteresting.  HOWEVER, beware the hard sell. Unlike a blogshop, Pinterest visitors see pinterest as a space for self expression and discovery, a personal space and will not  appreciate being sold to.

Instead of pinning just a collection of products you offer, consider creating boards around your brand identity. These Niche boards should Inspire and give ideas and build on your brand identity. This helps you to quickly find a pin when you want to view it and  your followers will thank you for being able to pick out the pins or boards according to their interests. Some ideas:

1. Colours

2. Emotions

3. Locations

4. Occasions



4. Use Your Page  Header Box.

Each Pinterest Page has a header box.  It allows you to add a logo, a descriptions run promotions or drive traffic to your site via the web link and social media links. This is the first thing someone sees when they open up your page so it should reflect the identity and character of the blogshop.


5. Encourage Interaction.

Pinterest uses 3 aspects to determine he popularity of a post.

Comments, Likes and Repins.

Encourage your viewers to comment on a pin  and create interest by Asking Questions. (E.g. Where do you think this photoshoot was held? ) As you build up a list of followers, you can leverage on them to build touch points and opportunities for  customer interaction.

6. Create AWESOME Content

Pinterest is all about Content.

Content is what draws followers, consistently good content is what will bring them back.

Time taken to create AWESOME inspiring content will be amply rewarded. Too any blogshops just use stock images from catalogs and use titles that include the manufacturers ‘Model numbers’.

Awesome is defined by the Initial reaction that leads to a response. “COOL!! ”  “Awwww…..”  Laugh Out Loud…  are all manifestions of Awesome that will lead to a click-to-share and that is what it is all about.




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JoelBe more Pinteresting! – Advanced Pinterest for Blogshops